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Welcome to SCRTTC

Welcome to the Southern California Regional Transit Training Consortium (SCRTTC) website. The SCRTTC is a leading provider of training for the public transit industry.

Our focus is to provide a training resource network comprised of Community Colleges, Universities, Transit Agencies, Public and Private Organizations focused on the development and delivery of training and employment of the transit industry workforce that is proficient at the highest standards, practices, and procedures for the industry.

You will find many resources on this website including a course schedule, a list of our transit and academic members, The Communicator (the SCRTTC’s official newsletter) and more. Enjoy the site and please contact us if you have any questions regarding transit training.

Mission Statement: Advance the skills of our transit workforce...preparing for the future.

Transit Maintenance Forum

SCRTTC Training Director Babiarz recently spoke at the September 11-13th BusCon in Indianapolis. Her interview here includes:

  • Introduction
  • Key Takeaways
  • Q&A from the Session entitled: “How the Industry can Tackle Labor and Staffing Needs”
  • BusCon Education


James A. Ditch

James A. Ditch Education Fund

James A. Ditch 1947-2009

"Making a difference and improving lives."

Jim Ditch was a founding father of the SCRTTC. His passion for training and education was unprecedented. This Education Fund was established in honor of Jim and will provide much needed support to students who wish to pursue and/or advance their career in public transportation.

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ELECTRICAL-1, Transit agencies should make this a mandatory class for beginning technicians.
AQMD -Cummins 8.9 ISL-G Level II Train-the-Trainer, Good presentations, received great information.
HYBRID-HY2, Instructor very knowledgeable. Great networking! I learned a lot and enjoyed all of it!
Dara Dubois, ATTEi
OSHA - Class was great learned about how important safety in the work area is and how to look out for potential hazards.
Freddy Jimenez, Santa Clarita Transit/MV
It's true...you don't know everything! The leadership/management class was life-changing and gives me the foundation to grow and advance. Thank you, SCRTTC!
Frank Peters
HY (Hybrid) PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE, Jose Ramirez (Instructor) taught us HY PM and safety procedures on working with high voltage PM service on maintenance. I am interested in more hybrid training.
I walked out of the DVOM-I course feeling confident and ready to learn more. This was an amazing experience!
Bob Smith
AQMD -Cummins 8.9 ISL-G Insite Train-the-Trainer, This class is having a positive impact, I see mechanics using what they learned in the class and sharing the information with each other.
Mike Hayes, Maintenance Training Supervisor, SunLine Transit Agency
HVAC-II for Transit, THE BEST!
Jesus Perez, Complete Coach Works
AQMD -Cummins 8.9 ISL-G Level II Train-the-Trainer, Very well done. Instructors are very knowledgeable on the subject matter. Enjoyed the class. Keep it up
AQMD -Cummins 8.9 ISL-G Insite Train-the-Trainer, This class is having a positive impact, I see mechanics using what they learned in the class and sharing the information with each other.
LEADERSHIP SERIES & MANAGEMENT TRAINING, Best SCRTTC class I have attended! I've learned a lot from this class.
ELECTRICAL-II, Class was great! Thanks!
Freddy Jimenez, Santa Clarita Transit/MV
AQMD -Cummins 8.9 ISL-G Insite Train-the-Trainer, Excellent information. Can use the material when I return to the school/shop.
Cummins 8.9 ISL-G Level-II, Great hands on and presentation too. Job well done! Thanks!
Anonymous Transit Technician
HVAC-II for Transit, My first day back at work I was assigned a coach with an A/C problem. Because of what I learned, I was able to perform my job with no problem, and fix the A/C problem!
Michael Dairy, Gardena Bus Lines
AQMD -Cummins 8.9 ISL-G Insite Train-the-Trainer, Very well done and thought out class.
ELECTRICAL-II, Schedule more classes.
Serafin De Lacruz, LA DoT/MV
ELECTRICAL-I, Excellent material. A must have class.
George Tolmasoff, Montebello Bus Lines
One of the most worth-while trainings I have done, and I have attended a lot of them through the course of my life! The info I received will be most valuable as RFTA moves forward with CNG technology.
Orian Dove
Cummins 8.9 ISL-G Level-II, Great class!
Eddie Moreland, Cerritos College
BRAKES-I, Excellent instructor and hands-on material. I will be back for Brakes-II. Thank you.
ELECTRICAL-V, Excellent & good wrap-up.
T. Craig Luke, Rio Hondo
AQMD -Cummins 8.9 ISL-G Level II Train-the-Trainer, Another great job!!
ELECTRICAL-II, Marty (the instructor) is very knowledgeable! Thank You!
David Fernandez, Complete Coach Works
ELECTRICAL-IV FOR TRANSIT, Gained knowledge and trouble shooting [skills] on Cummins Engines. Hands-on was good.
Oscar Angel, Foothill Transit
HYBRID-HY2, Always learn a lot.
Paul Lindman, Torrance Transit
ELECTRICAL-1, I felt very comfortable with the training material. The Instructor is very knowledgeable and courteous. I look forward to further training!
ELECTRICAL-II, Great class-good information.
Jesus Perez, Complete Coach Works

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