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Commercial Vehicle (CV) Inspection Training – #SC-CV-1000-I

A vague or weak understanding of commercial vehicle law and their importance in operating a safe and compliant fleet is not an option, it is essential...it's the law!

COURSE PREREQUISITE: Work in capacity of Transit drivers, mechanics, maintenance and transportation supervisors, managers and senior staff. 

Special Note: Students must wear proper shop attire safety as outlined in the SCRTTC 'Rules & Regulations'.

Course Description: Transit bus/commercial vehicle compliance and the understanding of the appropriate laws and regulations is a complex puzzle that is not easily understood by even the most seasoned transit professional.

In an industry heavily regulated by federal and state law and with ever changing requirements, it is necessary that a training program such as this be offered to ensure that Maintenance/Transportation Departments remain safe and compliant according to California Code of Regulations, Title 13, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Out- of-Service Guide and other codes.

Benefits: Whether you're a public/private transit agency or a commercial vehicle operator one thing is certain, you are required to comply with the rules and regulations imposed by government agencies through the authority of the California Highway Patrol Motor Carrier Safety Unit. Failure to comply is not an option and an illegal or unsafe vehicle or a non-compliant driver, can result in an "out-of-service" condition until necessary repairs or adjustments are made to the vehicle or until the driver becomes qualified.

Unfortunately, many transit operators and commercial vehicle carriers do not understand nor do they know where to find the necessary information to be compliant. General information concerning commercial vehicle regulations and other matters regulated are found in various laws, regulations, codes and standards. Without proper training and reference familiarization, their understanding is confusing.

Most commercial vehicle and transit professionals can't explain the difference between a law and a regulation, are unfamiliar with the federal and state transportation codes and unfortunately don't subscribe to the "know what you don't know" philosophy since we're all transit experts...right?

Therefore, where do we begin, how do we connect the regulatory dots and how do we make sense of the laws that apply to ensuring a safe and compliant operation? It starts with this training program which will teach you to understand all matters regulated, statutory law, the "Out-of-Service" guide and other important information to ensure safe and compliant buses, drivers and accurate records.

What You Will Learn:

  • California Code of Regulation Title 13, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Out- of-Service Guide, Vehicle Code, Code of Federal Regulation Title 49 and other reference codes as they relate to the transit operator or motor carrier.
  • The difference between law vs. regulation.
  • Technical information on bus components, maximum allowable (out of service) requirements according to law.
  • The general driving (hours of service) requirements, log books, driver proficiency and the required bus driver transit training.
  • The Pull-Notice Program and the Biennial Inspection of Terminal and other matters regulated.
  • Record maintenance, interval and retention for Maintenance and Transportation.
  • Annaul Terminal Inspection preparation and CHP review.
  • Proper Pre-Trip Inspection practices.
  • What determines Out-of-Service equipment and long standing vs. short standing defects.
  • How to better communicate and effectively work with the CHP.

This unique eight-hour program is designed primarily for public transit operators. The program consists of six hours classroom training with two hours on a bus preforming a simulated CHP Motor Carrier Inspection with records and general driver requirement review.

The program is highly recommended for drivers, mechanics, maintenance and transportation supervisors, managers and senior staff.

Continuing Education Units (CEU): 0

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Course Properties

Start date 04-18-2018 8:00 am
End date 04-18-2018 4:30 pm
Capacity 10
Registered 10
Available place 0
Cut off date 04-13-2018
Individual Price $325.00
Pasadena Transit - Training Room
303 Allen Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106, USA
Pasadena Transit - Training Room
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