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Jannet Malig 

Director of the Advanced Transportation Technology
and Energy Center (ATTE)
Cerritos College

Jannet Malig has served as the Director of the Advanced Transportation Technology and Energy Center (ATTE) at Cerritos College since 2009.  The ATTE was established by the California Community College’s Economic and Workforce Development program and its key role is to provide transportation and energy technology and related technical education, and assistance and outreach programs throughout California to meet the needs of each region’s employers and employees.

This is a challenging position, particularly in the current economic downturn and where sustainable energy impacts the working climate of everyone engaged in the transportation sector. Not only as she worked in sales, marketing and strategic planning, Ms. Malig has worked extensively with OEM manufacturers and industrial engine manufacturers in developing advanced engine systems, in addition to remanufacturing programs for service and development. She earned her Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Chapman University.

Her wide range of experience within the industry has enabled Ms. Malig to stay abreast of training needs in the municipal sector as well as the automotive sector.  In just a little over one  year she has established customized training programs for public agencies and government fleets, such as the Municipal Equipment Manufacturers Association.  The activities she has undertaken for the SCRTTC include everything from developing marketing videos for the Consortium to supporting technical curriculum development and serving as a training provider.  As the current Vice-Chair for the Consortium, she promotes the SCRTTC to Cerritos and other community colleges and assists in providing funding for specialized courses, such as the recent DVOM class.  
Ms. Malig’s activities as ATTE Director are equally as comprehensive, for she must serve as a liaison to other community colleges as well as businesses, community groups and other agencies.  One of her primary functions is to assess job and training requirements to develop appropriate training programs and workshops for incumbent workers, high school and ROP programs.  To do this she must facilitate the development and coordination of efforts to articulate high school career technical curricula and industry standards to colleges.

Additionally, as Cerritos College’s ATTE Director, Jannet is responsible for the integration of alternative fuel vehicles and hybrid technologies into the existing college curricula, as well as establishing new curriculum with faculty and staff, providing an invaluable asset to Southern California employers and municipalities.


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